Caraibi is a former moderator of the Funhouse, and currently works as the only fucking admin.

He has been described as a scumfuck bastard, backstabbing whore, and has been harassed by Sorokor to give him the Dragon Egg he stores up his ass.

His whereabouts are unknown after The Great Flavouring, an event which separated the entirety of the Tunnelsnakes gang.

History Edit

Birth Edit

Caraibi was born at 0, 63, 0, on some day I don't know.

After forging alliances with fellow members of the world, Caraibi went on to harvest the heads of multiple enemies and allies, as to make a collection.

He then founded the Tunnelsnakes, a gang that would soon take over the entirety of the world.

After days of adventure through the land, Caraibi and the Tunnelsnakes made a base, owned by the Landlord Keith. They stayed there until The Great Flavouring, which would tear them all apart.

The Great Flavouring Edit

After Gyro allowed Flavourtown into Keith's Base, everything went apeshit. Caraibi saw this as an opportunity to grab shit and bail, acquiring him the name of Tunnelsnake.

The Tunnelsnakes gang was disbanded, and the newly proclaimed Tunnelsnake went on to seek refuge with The Tryhard Duo, Soundsmith and his Wingman.

He left the newly formed trio like 5 minutes after.

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